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Oversaturation: “Booking the right amount of strippers for your Bachelor Party…”

Hey we frequently hear from guys whom think the more strippers they hire for their bachelor party the better!We try to follow a simple rule as not to “oversaturate” (correct spelling I dont know why I am getting the red squiggly line!) the bachelor party.We like to follow certain ratios when booking our Banana Split Entertainment strippers for your Manhattan or Connecticut bachelor party in order to give you the biggest bang for your stripper buck,and make it an enjoyable experience for all!

More is not always better!

Lets face it guys eat with their eyes! … “Hey,I want 6 banana split strippers for my buddy Tony’s bachelor party!” ”How many guest are you expecting at the bachelor party sir?” “Umm about 8-10,somewhere(s) round there” That is way too many dancers to book for such a small crowd,what will happen is the tip money that will be tossed about is going to end up being earned alot faster now that 6 strippers are there with their boobs and HANDS out!Then as a result your hopeful “night-long” extravaganza with hot strippers will be cut short tremendously as your guest will surely run out of money fast!

Would you rather go to a casino and play all night long,losing some maybe,but enjoying yourself all the while,or spend all your cash in the 1st 10 mins and leave the casino?…think about it!

Everyone hates a quickie!

Quality over quantity…enjoy youreself with 2-3 hot strippers and the pleasure will last and you will get way more out of your night…the dancers will be grateful and happy they are making money and that much more eager to please you even more to keep those dollars coming!

Now dont get me wrong! Banana Split Entertainment strippers have seen our share of BALLERS and GENEROUS GENTLEMEN alike! There are a few more recent notable bachelor parties I can remember hearing stories from,i.e;Mohegan Sun Casino,we had 2 guys whom booked 3 strippers from us and threw hundred dollar bills around like hot potatoes! (literally) But this is a case of extreme generosity and financial stamina that unfortunately most party attendees are not cut out for!

And there is the party with the “Infamous Manhattan’r” I would like to keep his identity an oh so secret!! smh…that guy deserves a blog of his own … To…be…continued!!


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