Cost effective bachelor party setup…

Hey,so I am never surprised by the extremes some of Banana Split Entertainments clients go to when booking their bachelor party…Mostly Manhattan,Foxwoods Casino,Mohegan Sun casino,NYC party bus trips,Atlantic city,Hamptons and Poconos bachelor parties,to name a few,lol.

These guys spend a ton of cash on the venue,car service,reservations,food,alcohol and last but not least the entertainment aka — bka “strippers”.

If you have a more modest budget for your bachelor party below may be the way to go;

You may not even need to rent a venue,if there is someone in the crew whom is single,truly living the “bachelor life” and has a decent pad,you may be able to utilize that for your campgrounds.If its in an apartment and the neighbors may not be the friendliest make sure you plan the party on a busy day,where most people will be out of the house or expect the weekend noise,or make them aware of the hours of debauchery beforehand!

Hotels in Manhattan are a great bachelor party option when hiring strippers but they can be so damn pricey,for a decent hotel for a bachelor party your looking at about $800+ dollars for the night,I have seen guys spend $4,000+ on a penthouse suite!

Ok, so utilizing a buddies spot is first,now also another way to save money would be to hold the party at a later time that way everyone can eat dinner at home,and you can just make/order some hot wings,pizza,or veggie platter dip and chips to snack on…

For the bachelor party booze–beer is always the cheap option,you may want to pick up 1-2 specialized drinks but otherwise let the guys know if they favor something particular to bring it to the bachelor party.Also have plenty of mixers and this will make a small amount of drinks stretch thru the night… (or sweet taste may make them drink more…??,oh well)

There you have it…a way to keep your strippers bachelor party reasonably cost effective.

Next we will go over shopping for bachelor party strippers!…

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