Book a successful surprise party

How to book a successful Surprise party with NYC or CT strippers!

A ton of the calls we receive are for surprise parties…we are not against surprise parties at all with our strippers, but there are some things you should know to have in place and to coordinate when hiring CT/NYC dancers for your surprise event!

1) Please make sure at least the majority of guest know there will be strippers attending the surprise event!

(that way they have cash to spend on entertainment, more-so I found some women do not think of this aspect when booking the Stripper party, but some men whom may not be financially prepared may be disappointed and or bashful to participate without money to courteously tip the dancer!Your husbands male friends may provide you with useful insight as to where to throw the party, whom to invite (and not invite!! haha) and may even also help you spice things up by chipping in and hiring 2-3 entertainers as opposed to 1-2…)

2) Make sure the guest of honor has at least an open-mind to exotic dancers.

(don’t tell him/her of course about the party or strippers ! But know this is something they may enjoy and or participate in,It will seem like a total wash if they clam up and or flip out!Some are shy…we know, but our strippers know just the trick(s) to get them to open up and enjoy themselves! NO PROBLEMO!)

3) It may be in your best interest to “take one for the team” and jump in and participate with the stripper yourself which should definitely get the party kicked off!

(wives, girlfriends this especially applies to you! What a great way to spice up the event “girl on girl lap dance!” This will show hubby/BF your into the dancer just as much as him and your open to him enjoying himself with you! The whole party will get a kick out of this!Including the other wives/GF’s present whom will likely participate with the stripper as well…thus their men participating equaling A HUGE SUCCESS at your stripper surprise party!This may be more of an aphrodisiac than the clam casino your serving!

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