Hire a hot bachelor stripper for your next party

How to make sure the strippers for your bachelor party are hot

This is probably one of the most crucial questions involved in the booking of bachelor party strippers.

 “How can we make sure the strippers are hot ?”

There are a few ways you can improve your chances of hiring some hot strippers !

Asking for pictures of strippers for your bachelor party is not always fool-proof , some clients believe to deter from getting fake pics of strippers they should ask for multiple pics of one stripper because that would be a sure way to find out if the bachelor party agency really employs the dancer in question – WRONG ! If “bait and switch” tactics is being used then sure someone can easily obtain multiple pictures of one girl to send out falsely to clients ! Social media features tons of 

pictures of the same girls for companies to snag & trick unaware customers .  


 One way you can determine if the girls are hot is attempting to set up a “meet and greet” .

Surely some stripper companies will be opposed to this for obvious reasons but you can place parameters in which the company chooses, that way they feel more comfortable than meeting in a back alley or an empty warehouse ! One thing Banana Split Entertainment has done was explain to clients we only consider this with larger bookings or if a significant deposit can be left at the meeting that way it feels just as business related and we can prioritize . 


Some bachelor party companies may have immediate access to hot strippers and can arrange for a time for you to facetime and or skype – that way you can check out the goods in 3D. Do not just assume its ok to facetime an agency randomly that you determine is using an iphone – most will not answer – based on regular creepy “cawlers” . This is a great way to establish if the strippers are hot and is very tech-savvy , but not always an option – but an option nonetheless. If you do so keep it brief and professional because being too aggressive over the phone may get the stripper agency to place you on the “blocked-list” .


Explain to the stripper agency you are very interested in utilizing their stripping services, but would like to make sure all is in line with your expectations for the bachelor party – so you would be willing to pre-book them in a smaller setting to establish good faith and your own version of “quality control” . You may do this by yourself (if the company and your budget allows) or with a select few buddies. If you explain to them your goal they may even give you a great rate and you can save some money by simply explaining you want  the strippers for the most minimal amount of time . 


This can be a hit or miss … most times a hit, if someone has a great enough stripper service clients will be dying to rave about it ! Banana Split Entertainment has offered video testimonials and various platforms for party reviews. It is up to you to read through them to determine if genuine or not . Try to google a company and look up our their content to indicate if anything leads to a bachelor party review. You can not deny the fact that competitors and or shady customers may leave negative reviews as well , this cannot be combated only responded to… it is up to you to compile information and use your own discretion and don’t be afraid to call them out on it , they may have a good enough theory that may surprise you , or otherwise !


This can come in handy but many stripper agencies may not provide phone numbers of their previous clients based on privacy concerns . At Banana Split Entertainment we have only considered with clients that we have great rapports with and have asked for permission prior. If you work in a popular or specific field it may pay to ask if the agency in question has ever done a for a professional-alike. I .e ; firefighter , sanitation, police etc .If so keep it brief and to the point… 


Many bachelor parties I have personally booked have offered a bonus if the strippers that show up are the girls requested or hot enough … this is a great way to give the agent some added incentive for “doing the right thing” Offering a $100 tip directly to the booking agent or offering to pay extra per girl . I booked a bachelor party in New Jersey once, and the bachelor says “Tell you what, I except and appreciate the price provided and if the strippers are smoking hot I will pay you an extra $100 per stripper!” Lets just say the family and I had Red Lobster that weekend LOL.

Though not fool proof , in my professional experience these are some of the best ways to help secure and ensure hot strippers for your bachelor party ! 

Best of luck !

Junior Smith
Banana Split Entertainment

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