Hire a stripper for your next party

How to choose a stripper for your bachelor party

Guys these days get so crazy over pictures… I mean as if they’re booking models for photography sessions… This is not usually the case most of the time when you are looking for the perfect Stripper for your bachelor party you have to think outside the box, not just the stripper with the hottest pictures online… What to consider is most of these bachelor party stripper pictures online are stock images, they are doctored up by the best, edited by award-winning photographers, shown in the best lighting in the best makeup with the best effects…

Most of the strippers don’t look that way when they show up… Here is what you have to focus on really believe it or not … personality, personality means a lot for the bachelor party because that’s ultimately going to add the best experience possible… imagine a super hot stripper walking through the door …everyone in your bachelor party is very excited , but now after five minutes you want her to “put up or shut up” because with another hour or two on the clock if it doesn’t flow well then you pretty much feel like you wasted your time and money, you’re going to go with that whole stereotypical view of the super hot girl that just doesn’t have the personality to match… imagine spending a ton of money on a date just to realize the girl and you don’t really mesh, that bill comes and you feel like the biggest loser! Your main focus should be on trying to pair a girl with a personality like your crew… When you talk to the bachelor party representative asked them which girls are funny which girls are wild which girls are mild which girls are a team.

Try to get a girl that can understand your environment-  if you guys are a bunch of pranksters and the guys are a little immature try to get a stripper for your bachelor party that matches that energy so that way you can feel like you’re hanging out with one of the bro’s  LOL. Bachelor parties are meant to be fine a memorable right so get a girl that can crack jokes and enjoy jokes as well. If you guys are into hard-core rap ask for a stripper that enjoys rap as well! Pls don’t try to get a girl from the suburbs In love with Justin Bieber and expect her to acclimate well with hard-core DMX fans. You want to get a stripper that culturally understands you guys so she’s comfortable and you guys are comfortable as well being yourself, that way you guys can get the most enjoyable experience possible…

Believe it or not, this aspect is even more important than picking the hottest girl you can “picture” but trust me you definitely want to place some emphasis on a girl you’re at least attracted to but place the most emphasis on personality and strippers that can provide the best experience. You don’t always need to book every stripper that matches your personalities, but at least if you get one that’s great but you also want to get a girl that can kind of counteract your personalities as well … example if the bachelor is shy maybe you don’t want to get a hot Stripper only, that will intimidate him and make him even more nervous … you want to get a stripper that’s outgoing So she can kind of pull him out of his shell. It is very important to talk to the representative and explain to him or her the temperament of your bachelor party guest that way they can book strippers in the most sensible way possible!

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