Best NYC Bachelor party strippers

NYC Ideal location for your Bachelor party

A Bachelor party without strippers! Cake without ice cream? Christmas without the tree? The big game without…okay, you get the idea. This is “your” guy fellas, the one you can call at 3 a.m. when it hits the fan, and you know he’ll be there. Anyone can get a couple of strippers, what you want is an ‘experience’. Let’s face it, honestly it doesn’t even have to be a bachelor party, if it is an event and you want to make it an event for you and the guys, for that buddy who just graduated med school, your best friend who just locked down that dream promotion…then you need to do it right.

Allow me to set the scene; the girls enter the room or the first time they make their appearance you realize instantly that they aren’t just girls – they are models. They don’t just jump up and down (which isn’t all bad), no they dance, well. They entertain, engage and entice you. You’ll be thinking about the way she moved, how simply stunning she looked and that body – are you kidding me? The hint of perfume in her long hair, the glisten of her smooth toned legs, can you see it?

There’s a reason Banana Split Entertainment has been featured in and on VH1, CNN, Comedy Central and more – these ladies are show stoppers. This is the perfect combination of sexy, style, class, talent and personality – yeah these ladies are sophisticated and savvy too! The truth is, you can get strippers anywhere from any place, maybe this is why there truly is a difference between those other places and these girls, because you will know what exotic dancers are after this night.

Here is the deal, if you check out their website and you are serious about planning the party of a lifetime, the one they are gonna be talking about this time next year and the year after that – you’ll know you only have one right choice: . What’s more, this is a professional company, where they treat you like you are their only customer. They are going to be first class from – hello until that goodnight sir we hope you had an amazing time we did – ending. These ladies are as good as it gets anywhere, which is why they have the ladies headlining the website, Banana Split Entertainment wants you to know what it is you’re getting.

Just in case you were wondering, discounts available – yes, last minute bookings on that whim (especially after you visit the website) – yes. One, two, three or more dancers desired, sure. As I said before, this is a professional organization and their primary aim is to make the customer happy. Do it right guys and make this the party of the year, I bet you can’t tell me I’m wrong the day after.

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