Bachelor Party Strippers

Strippers in NYC for a Bachelor Party Manhattan is the most ideal city in America for bachelor parties,the city that never sleeps offers a variety of ideal entertainment venues for your Manhattan bachelor party event. Whether booking a private party space, bar room, lounge space, hotel suite, party bus or even your apartment in new york city your gonna have a blast at your NYC bachelor party!

We provide the hottest New York City stripper bachelor party, make sure your next Manhattan bachelor party is booked with us at

We navigate the various structural poles in those party buses, and add that fun and excitement through your Manhattan Bachelor Party trip.

We also have been in almost every hotel in Manhattan:
Intercontinental | London | Dream | Hilton | Ritz | Waldorf | Yotel | Time | Pennsylvania | Paramount | Empire | Marriot | Doubletree | Chambers | Affinia | Thompson | (To name a few…)

We are well behaved and promise to try and not get you kicked out! Make sure you determine if the Hotel requires a key card to go up to the rooms so that you may arrange an escort for us to come up, if not no worries we blend with all other Hotel patrons and will smoothly go straight up to your room. Please do not mention to hotel staff you will have a bachelor party there!

If you decide to host your Manhattan bachelor party in a private party room in a bar please make sure there is a shut door… and or curtain to keep girls all to your party,not offend anyone,and prevent unwanted taping of our debauchery! (also make sure its cool with owner please! hehe)

If your apartment is the best option please make sure you give your doorman a heads up about arriving guest (Hot strippers!!!) … also provide apartment number. Please keep a certain quarters where ladies may change in minus rats,roaches,and nursery room! lol… Make sure space is adequate and tidy for ladies to feel comfortable putting their things down and stripping nude in… (also minus open laptops with the webcam grrr!) Also if need be, alert your neighbors to loud music for about a hour or more… dancing is kinda awkward when we have to play music at grocery store or elevator volumes! (takes away from those log fire lap dances!! hehehe)

We navigate Manhattan at night like Batman himself!